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Japan-ROK Strategic Cooperation Dialogue

The 11th Japan-ROK Strategic Cooperation Dialogue Held in Success(September 19, 2017)

 The Research Institute for Peace and Security (RIPS) held its 11th RIPS-CJS/KNDA Roundtable for Japan-ROK Strategic Cooperation Dialogue in Tokyo on Tuesday, September 19, 2017. It was co-organized by the Center for Japanese Studies of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy. The meeting was a closed-door dialogue between Japanese and Korean experts specializing in such subjects as the Japan-ROK relations, the Japan-US and US-ROK alliances, and Chinese and Korean affairs. This year this event was of particular importance, given the heightened tensions by North Korea’s developments of inter-continental ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. The Korean and Japanese experts exchanged their views on those issues mentioned above. They also discussed how the political tensions between Japan and the ROK over the history disputes could affect their strategies toward North Korea.

The dialogue was held in the following separate sessions: (1) North Korea, Nuclear Threats and Diplomacy, (2) China’s Diplomacy in Asia, (3) Trump’s Diplomacy and Asia, (4) Japanese-ROK Relations: Today and Tomorrow.

The 11th RIPS-CJS/KNDA Roundtable was participated in by the following experts:

(From Japan)
Masashi NISHIHARA (President, RIPS), Hajime IZUMI (Professor, Tokyo International University), Yoichi KATO (Senior Research Fellow, Asia Pacific Initiative), Tastuhiko YOSHIZAKI (Chief Economist, Sojitz Research Institution), and Atsuhito ISOZAKI (Associate Professor, Keio University).

(From the Republic of Korea)
CHO Hee-yong (Director, CJS/IFANS, KNDA), JUN Bong geun (Professor, IFANS, KNDA), JO Yanghyeon (Professor IFANS, KNDA), MIN Jeong-hun (Assistant Professor, IFANS, KNDA), LEE Sang-sook (Research Professor, IFANS, KNDA), PARK Myun Hee (Research Professor, CJS, IFANS, KNDA), and KIM Mijung (Researcher, IFANS, KNDA).

A few observers were also invited from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Japan), the Ministry of Defense (Japan), and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea.

This Roundtable was supported by the Ogasawara Foundation for the Promotion of Science & Engineering, for which the RIPS expresses its gratitude.