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Board of Directors and Board of Trustees

RIPS Board of Directors (as of April 1, 2018)

Chairman Masami Yamamoto
Fujitsu Co.
Vice Chairman Akio Watanabe
Prof. Emeritus, Univ. of Tokyo
President Masashi Nishihara
Former President, National Defence Academy
 Managing Directors Masanori Takeda
Former Commander-in-Chief, First Division, Ground Self-Defense Force
Managing Directors Hideshi Tokuchi
National Graduate institute for Policy Studies
Executive Directors Hideaki Kaneda
Okazaki Institute
Executive Directors Kozo Oikawa
 Association of Promotion of Invention and Innovation
Executive Directors Yukio Satoh
 Japan Institute of International Affairs
Executive Directors Akihiko Tanaka 
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Executive Directors Hiroshi Nakanishi 
Prof., Kyoto Univ.
Executive Directors Yukio Hayashi
 Daikin Industries, Ltd.)
Executive Directors Hibakoi Yoshihumi
Former Ground Self Defense Force Chief of Staff
Executive Directors Masago Minami Executive Officer,
Tokyo Main Office and Director, Research and Study Office,
Yomiuri Newspaper Co.
Auditors Hiroyasu Eguchi
 Former Commander-in-Chief,  Ground Self-Defense Force
Auditors Kiyokazu Nakanishi
Japan Steel Works, Ltd.


RIPS Board of Trustees(as of April 1 2018)

Chairman Mototsugu Ito
IHI Corporation
Vice Chairman Naruhiko Ueda
Technical Research and Development Institute, Japan Defense Agency
Trustees Masahiro Akiyama
Former president of the Tokyo Foundation
Trustees Masatoshi Ishida
Kawasaki Heavy Industry, Co.
Trustees Yasumichi Ikeda
Mitsubishi Corporation
Trustees Hiroshi Ushiyama
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry    
Trustees Akio Othuki
NEC Corporation   
Trustees Sugiyama Yoshiyukii
Fujitsu, Co.
Trustees Hiroshi Kitakata
Research Adviser, Japan Institute of International Affairs
Trustees Seiichiro Takagi
Japan Institute of International Affairs 
Trustees Norimoto Takano
Japan Post
Trustees Tetsu Yamada
Electric Waves Management System, Toshiba Social Infrastructure System, Co.
Trustees Yoshinobu Yamamoto 
Prof. Emeritus, Univ.of Tokyo
Trustees Hirotaka Watanabe
Prof., Tokyo University of Foreign Studies