Public Symposium on “Rising Tensions in East Asia and the Japanese Response” in Geneva, Switzerland東アジア安全保障に関するシンポジウム(2017年3月6日/於:ドイツベルリン)東アジア安全保障に関するシンポジウム(2017年3月6日/於:ドイツベルリン)

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Public Symposium on “Rising Tensions in East Asia and the Japanese Response” in Geneva, Switzerland(January 12, 2018)NEW!!

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"Rising Tensions in East Asia and Japanese Response The Geneva Symposium"NEW!!
GCSP(Geneva Centre for Security Policy)
RIPS(Research Institute for Peace and Security)

The 17th Autumn Seminar on Challenges to Defense Industries in Japan(Octorber 10, 2017)

The 11th Japan-ROK Strategic Cooperation Dialogue Held in Success(September 19, 2017)

Public Symposium on East Asian Security and Japan(December 1, 2016)

"How Should Japan Cope with the Challenging SecurityEnvironment in East Asia?”


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nishihara.jpgDr. Masashi Nishihara has been President of the Research Institute for Peace and Security since 2006. Until March 2006 he served as President of the National Defense Academy, Yokosuka, for six years.




Azia no anzenhosho (Asian Security)

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